Ready to Own a Business?

Be Your Own Boss

Most veterans leaving active military service seek employment and end up working for someone else. There is an alternative to finding a job that has worked very well for millions of veterans.

While veterans make up only 6% of the population we account for 13.5% of small businesses in America (3.5 million). We employ 5.8 million people and pay wages in excess of $210 Billion annually! One in seven franchises is operated by a veteran. If you consider entrepreneurship as your next career you are in excellent company.


Take advantage of our ​FREE​ mentoring program. Our consultants are veterans too. Each one has more than 20 years’ experience in business development, operations, marketing, staffing, and much more. Our strategy is to guide each veteran client through the entrepreneurial process. We customize our support based on each individual’s background, skill sets, goals/ambitions, finances, and where they want to live. We provide one-on-one mentoring services. If there is a spouse involved in the process it’s even better.

The Entrepreneur Opportunity

Within the small business category there are two forms of entrepreneurship, Independent Businesses and Franchises. While we provide valuable insight for those seeking an independent business we specialize in franchising. There are more than 3,000 franchise companies in America. They address nearly every business category and start-up costs vary. Think of us as Match Makers between veterans and franchises. Our unique system is designed to assist veterans in the selection, vetting, acquisition, financing, and if need be, selecting a location for a business. Our intent is to assist veterans in determining if franchising is the right course for them and, if it is, finding the right Franchise Fit.

“Phil, I would like to thank you and your VTF professionals for all your work in helping me find and acquire my own business. During my 20 years in the Marine Corps I was able to finish my Bachelor’s and get my Master’s Degree. I thought getting a civilian career would be easy. How wrong I was! I met you at a networking event and your guidance and recommendation that I look at franchising was exactly what I needed. I never dreamed I could own my own business but thanks to you and VTF, I now do!”

Retired E-8, Marine Corps

Getting Started

It won’t cost you anything to investigate operating a franchise of your own. Our services are ​FREE​. One of our consultants will contact you, provide details, and answer your questions.